ONDU pinhole cameras are one of the simplest and most beautiful, sustainably built photographic projects in recent years. After shooting a little with their multi-format 6x12 camera, I decided to make a few modifications to my own, one of which caught the eye of Elvis Halilović, founder of ONDU. The modifications included a shutter stop crafted from a shortened and folded pin pushed through the wooden body of the camera. Inspired by these modifications Elvis kickstarted the MKII version of his successful pinhole range to include, among other feedback inspired changes, the new shutter stop feature.


Elvis, founder of ONDU Pinhole Cameras, says:

"One of the most important changes was done to the shutter. The change was inspired by our friend Adam Eronen Piper that modified his ONDU 6x12 to include a stop pin that stops the shutter while closing. The resulting pictures were absolute proof that a stop pin was necessary..."

Below you can see the original modified ONDU Multiformat 6x12 (left) next to the MKII version (right) featuring Elvis' reengineer shutter stop inspired by the modification.